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Why We’re Always Forward and How You Can Be Too

There is one phrase that we always use. Have you seen it?

Whether it’s on our business cards, at the end of our emails, or somewhere on our website, you probably have seen it. It’s a crucial piece of our identity. 

Always Forward.

Today, I wanted to take a moment to unpack what that phrase means for us and to our clients. We’re so invested in being Always Forward that we even want to let you in on how you can be too. Both as a person and in your business.

In today’s fast-paced world, you almost have to be constantly moving forward. If you’re not, you’re going to get run over or left behind. And I’m not sure which is worse. Digital Marketing is also constantly changing—which can be both exciting and a little crazy at times. 

But you see, that’s where being Always Forward comes into play. At Steadfast Results, we aren’t afraid to lead the charge forward and break the boundaries in our strategies, tactics, and principles. When everyone else is running away from the storm, we are like bison—we run into the storm. 

The thing is, we aren’t afraid of the unknown, the shifting playing field, or the ever-changing future. In fact, we aren’t afraid to face the unknown head on, to shift the playing field ourselves, or to change the future of standards and results for our clients.  

For us, Always Forward means all of that. It’s not just a phrase we throw around, it’s part of who we are. Just like Fearless Accountable Strategic Tenacious.

This is not only who we are as a business, but who we are for our clients too. Our goal is to create strong, powerful, long-lasting brands for our clients. And we do this by leading the charge and not being afraid to take risks that we know will pay off and benefit them.

Now this doesn’t mean that once we do something, we keep trucking forward and never look back. It doesn’t mean we never take a step back to reevaluate—but the key is we do not move in that direction. We may pause, take a step back to look over and evaluate what’s working and what’s not. But then once we do that, we decide a new route and keep moving ahead. 

Our direction is always forward, never backward.

So, how can you be Always Forward too?

To be completely honest and blunt, the easiest way is to work with us. With us, you’re not just another client, you are a part of our team, on mission for your brand together. So, when we say we are Always Forward, our clients are Always Forward too.

But if you aren’t quite ready to take that step yet there are things you can do to become Always Forward yourself.

Create Values

It’s important for your values to align with who you are and who you want to be. That includes connecting your values to being Always Forward. Here’s what I mean.

Our values are: Fearless Accountable Strategic Tenacious.

We are fearless in approaching every problem with an even bigger solution—continuously pushing the digital marketing boundaries more and more forward every day.

We are accountable for the work that we produce for a client. Ensuring that we take responsibility for everything we own allows us to lead the way in being always forward.

Our focus on strategy verifies that the risks we are taking by being always forward are well-thought and planned out. Nothing is ever out of left field.

When the world pushes back on advancement, many people quit and run away. Not us. We are tenacious in striving to be always forward.

You see, our values are what help make us Always Forward and vice versa. Of course, your values should be your own, but keep in mind which values for your business will aid in your quest to become Always Forward.

Apply Those Values to Everything You Do

This is how you a phrase like “always forward” becomes less of just words and more of who you are. Write sticky notes with these values and place them in places you often see—your car, home, desk, etc. Plaster them all around you and your office space.

By consistently living out your values and Always Forward you form habits that then surely become just part of who you are.

Own the Very Thing(s) that Make You Different

Be proud and confident in the value that you add to other people or other businesses. This value makes you stand out—in a good way! And these differentiators are often what actually help continue to push you forward. 

Always Forward simply means you provide solutions to your customers or clients that move them forward in some aspect of their life. Look at a few of our clients for example.

We have an accountant that provides business and financial security and freedom to small or medium sized businesses.

One client is a TMJ Specialist that provides aid from TMJ Disorder pain. She is relieving people from crippling pain and making both their health and lives better.

Last, but not least, one of our clients is a flooring company that helps homeowners create their dream home, one floor at a time.

One last piece of advice…

The most important thing is to own being Always Forward.

Make Always Forward something that you ingrain into both who you are and what you do as a business.

It’s not a catch phrase, something you do, or a way of thinking. It’s the exact thing that you are.

Always Forward.

Reach out if you want to be Always Forward with us! 


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