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Why is Marketing Automation Important?

It’s a running joke in the Steadfast office that the term “Marketing Automation” is an industry vernacular unicorn; you’ve heard of it but does it really exist? Can it have an actual, material impact on my business? The answer is “yes” and we’re here to demystify the concept. Welcome to Why Is Marketing Automation Important 101. Class is in session.

So, What Exactly Is Marketing Automation?

Well, it is just that. It’s a platform or software that automates otherwise mundane day to day tasks included in your business’s marketing strategy. Common ones are HubSpot, Infusionsoft (or as we like to call it, Confusionsoft), HootSuite, and our personal preference, SharpSpring. These platforms help you monitor social media, schedule and send out email campaigns, track website interactions, and automate various other management services that help to free up time and headspace.

Sounds Good. But Do I Need It?

In theory, automating these tasks, as opposed to trying to keep up with maintaining them, will ensure they actually happen and ultimately help you execute the marketing strategy of your dreams to generate leads, increase conversions, and achieve that optimum ROI. At our agency alone, we’ve seen a 30% open rate on automated emails and a five times increase in form fills just to name a few. So, you tell me? Are these numbers you would like to see reflected in your own business? Or are you perhaps part of the elite crowd that isn’t in the market for increased ROI?

Needless to say, we absolutely recommend you get into the marketing automation game. If you want to get started, schedule a consultation with one of our marketing automation specialists and we’ll help you get there.


We have some free Downloadable Worksheets and an in-depth FREE coaching session on marketing automation you can get here.

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