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The Long-Lost Treasure of Marketing & Why It Is (or Should Be) Important to You

The answer? Copy.

Many of you might be thinking, wow I’ve never gotten an answer so quickly on a blog post before, I mean within the first 3 words, sweet! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I mean copy actually can be and is that easy, but simply knowing copy is important does you no good unless you really understand WHY. 

I’ll just come out and say it right now: Copy is often overlooked in the realm of digital marketing. 

Well, actually, if you’re a digital marketer, then you probably at least can give a nod to copy and the art of copywriting. 

And if you are a fellow copywriter, then you too live and breathe copy. All day every day. 

But otherwise, as a business owner or another employee, you may see copy as most of the world does; as what the most basic ingredient of copy is: just words. And it truly pains me to write that because copy is SO much more than just words on a page, post, or email. 

Even if most of the world might not agree.

You see, copy is what entices people to KEEP reading. 

Yes, having an appropriate offer attracts the right audience to FIND you/your business after searching. And then yes, ads and social/paid media get people TO a site. But what about once they actually get to that landing page?

I think everyone reading this would agree you WANT people to KEEP reading whatever piece of CONTENT it is they’re reading on your webpage. 

And you probably had all of these great ideas in your head about your business and what you offer and how you would show your target customer this in a way that made them want to drop everything they’re doing and run after you like a crazed fan. 

The only problem is that this often gets lost in translation from you to your audience. 

Because you think that you have it all clearly mapped out in your head, you assume it’s being equally translated to your audience. 

But you know what happens when you assume… 

If you don’t look it up.

But not until after you finish reading this post. Because we all know what happens when you look up one thing on the internet—you get dragged down the rabbit hole and all the sudden you’re in another dimension with no recollection of what time it is or where you are. But hey at least you finally have the answer to why Susan123’s cat, Mr. Whiskers, won’t stop headbutting her. (Hint: he likes her, but probably not his unoriginal name)

But you won’t have the answer to why copywriting is the magic tool you need. 

Anyway, back on topic. If you’ve made it this far, whether you like it or not, it’s actually because of copy. 

As I said before, copy is what motivates people to continue reading down the page, post, or email. The purpose of great copy is not to bear your whole brand story in one sentence. But rather it’s to grab the audience’s attention and make them want to dig deeper into your business’s site.  

Done the right way, copy can successfully nudge people in the right direction and convince people to take tangible action—action that you want them to take.

Done the wrong way—well, let’s just say you do not want to go down that road.

But more than nudging people in the right direction, good copy…


Excellent copy tells an intriguing story—one that your reader can’t help but pay attention to. If what they read not only entertains them but also resonates with them, they will be more compelled to buy from your brand. Good copy is selling without any of the straight-up, cold-calling, product-pushing madness that scares potential customers away.

Creates Trust and a Long-Lasting Relationships 

Great copy shows that you (the seller) are on the same page as your customer (the buyer), thus creating trust. It’s your chance to show just how your business meets and serves the needs of your audience. If you successfully do this, you can build relationships with your customers that last for a long time.

Transforms Your Product or Service into a Must-Have

Irresistible copy transforms your product/service to irresistible offers that people must have. Good copy takes the focus off of your business and puts it onto your customer and what they need. Copywriting is all about pinpointing the major selling points and turning them into advantages and value that your customer can tangibly experience for themselves—therefore turning your product into a must-have value for them.

Moves People to Action 

This last statement pretty much wraps up points 1-3 into what you really care about: turning potential customers into actual customers or turning returning customers into repeating customers. When people resonate with your story, trust you, and deeply desire your product or service, they’re going to take action as a result. Great copy nudges people in the right direction, to take the right action, to get you the right results.


If you don’t already know, copy, in general, is written text of any kind. Marketing copy refers to text written with the specific intention to sell something or persuade people to take action.

And I say it is the long-lost treasure because I think people used to think it was uber-important. I mean back in the 1950s, there was nothing but copy to sell someone on a product or service. There was no technology to design fancy websites, flashy graphics, or outstanding logos. There was just a man and his words.

Don’t get me wrong, all of those other aspects are important. But great design without great copy is pointless. Design sparks the initial interest; copy kindles the fire.

Since it is a long-lost treasure, not many brands are focusing on it. Or at least not many are putting in the energy to make their copy great. Which means that if you discover and utilize this “treasure”, you’ll be ahead of your competition.

If you need help with a plan or a place to start, just know that we at Steadfast Results understand the importance of copy and all that it can do for a business. 

And while we can’t promise to know everything there is to know about crafting great copy, we can say that we have expertise in producing great results for businesses like yours—with direct response copy being a huge contributing factor.

But okay…now you can look up my little joke on what happens when you assume. 

Oh, and say hello to Susan’s cat for me while you’re at it…

And while you do that, I think I’ll continue appreciating the art that is copywriting and crafting compelling copy for clients. 

Just think you could find out all the cat facts you want while I write the copy that will convert your readers into customers. 

Just think about that…and then maybe reach out to us if it makes sense. We’ll be here.

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