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Strategy = Longevity: The Importance of Crafting a Strong Strategy for Your Brand

When it comes to your business, it can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of making the outward appearance of your brand look pretty: designing your brand logo, launching a website, creating content, pushing advertising and promoting your business, brand or product. But all of that means nothing if you have nothing backing it up. It means nothing if you don’t have a strategy unifying your efforts.

Think of it like this. You can come up with the greatest idea to build a house with the exact features that a buyer wants and with the best structural design such as high ceilings, real hardwood floors, and crown moldings. However, if you have no written or drawn out plans, such as architectural sketches or blueprints, and you just send out workers to start building, the house is going to fall apart pretty quickly. You’ll have workers laying down random pieces of material and building the house in 10 different directions based on each of their own takes on the design idea.

Or imagine that you are the best football coach, coaching the top athletes, learning some of the trickiest plays in the book. You can have every intention of dominating the next game, but if there is no game plan or playbook to discuss beforehand, then all you’re really doing is sending 11 guys out onto the field. Each player is going to play his own way—doing what he thinks is best—and it’s probably going to look like a circus show out on the turf. Random throws here and there. One player starting a running play while the Quarterback is trying to complete a pass. I think you get the idea.

In both of these examples, there is nothing to unify the pieces. There is nothing to make sure everyone and everything is on the same page. Just like with your business, if you don’t have a game plan before you start creating, building, growing, or promoting your brand, it’s going to fall apart in the long-run. 

Sure, you’ll have content on your website, social media posts, a brand logo and a slogan to show your audience. Just like the house had a roof, walls, front door, floors and ceilings to show the buyers. But that effort doesn’t make the house structurally sturdy or aesthetically pleasing. Just like on that field the team had 11 players in uniform to show for the game. But that effort doesn’t make the players play like a team on the same page.

So, sure you’ll have content on your website, social media posts, a brand logo and a slogan to show your audience. But that doesn’t make your efforts beneficial to you, your customers, or your brand. Unless you have a strategy.

You see just because you have all the right components does not mean you have all the components right. The house had all the right parts to make it a “house”, but it was sloppily put together with random design choices. The football team had all the right positions and players on the field to play a game, but there was no game-plan to unify their actions as one team.  You might have done all the right things too, but if there was no strategy—no why—behind it, then it isn’t going to build your brand. At least not effectively or efficiently.

And when I say why, I don’t mean just coming up with a because phrase to justify your actions. 

Why did you create this piece of content? Because everyone else was.

Why did you use this design aspect on your website? Because it looked cool.

Those above are fabricating answers as to why you’re doing something. I’m talking about allowing your why to create everything that you do. This means knowing that every single business decision you make, you made it because it is going to help build your brand. Every decision matters.

In order to have the components right, you need something to unify every component. That unity is your strategy. Your strategy is what you then build every component of your brand and business off of. That’s how you can guarantee unity, by creating a blueprint, a game-plan, a guide so that all of your future efforts are focused together around a center idea: your brand.

Focusing on your strategy allows you to have fun building your brand and taking your business where you want it to go. But along the way you don’t have to worry about veering off track because you have your strategy in place. This foundation will allow your business to expand and endure long-term because you will always have a central idea— your brand— to refer back to and use to successfully build your business. 

That’s how: Strategy = Longevity.

A well-built blueprint for a house leads to a strong, sturdy house that lasts for decades.

A great game-plan for a football game leads to a team playing together in unity.

A strong strategy for your brand leads to a successful lifetime for your business.

If you want a better business, don’t neglect your brand. And if you want a better brand, don’t neglect your road map. Once you have that strong strategy, you can begin to:





Most importantly: You can start to Become the brand you always imagined.

This is why we take our clients through a brand road mapping session—because we understand the importance of strategy! If you’re feeling lost on where to begin with your own business’s strategy, reach out to us and let’s begin the discussion of how together we can take your brand to the next level.



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