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How to Promote A Company through Social Media

Trying to get social accounts rolling for a newly started business can be a sobering experience. It’s hard not to feel like you’re shouting your daily posts into a lifeless social void when starting from scratch. Often times, you even question if it’s worth the effort when only your mom and a handful of other extended family members are regularly interacting with your posts. So, let’s answer this question – how to promote a company through social media in the most efficient, long-term way possible?


A Bit of Bad News


Well, my news isn’t quite encouraging. You should invest your time in social techniques that are going to position you as an expert or create brand awareness or literally anything that can propel your business forward. Your mom, as great as she is, doesn’t count. So, taking the time to plan and execute 20+ social posts a month that ultimately fall on deaf (or nonexistent) ears, doesn’t count either.

Our solution?


Go straight to the source of the problem and manually grow your audience. Yes, folks, I’m talking about a Likes Campaign. You’re more or less begging people to be a part of your audience, but the beauty is that you have access to all the hyper-targeted audience building tools Facebook has to offer. Imagine getting to hand pick your followers, knowing they’ll be interested in what you have to say.

An anecdote.


At Steadfast Results, we crafted a Likes Campaign targeting small business owners and marketers across the nation, because we know what we have to offer will contribute to their business. Since April, we’ve spent $180, which garnered 180 likes. A 180 person increase in audience. 180 additional ears hearing what we have to say. 180 new people aware of us as a business and as an industry authority.


Ads are wonderful for drawing attention to a specific facet of your business, but a Likes Campaign creates permanent growth for your page. If you feel like you’re maniacally talking to yourself on your Facebook page, then a Likes Campaign may be something to look into.


To learn more about Likes Campaigns and other strategies to grow your business, schedule a free consultation with one of our marketing experts.

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