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How to Engineer the Best Ecommerce Experience

Let’s keep this simple. Shopping online is not rocket science, yet many Ecommerce store owners scratch their heads and wonder why they are not making online sales.

This could be you. You have downloaded a template, added the products and said, “Voilà”. Unfortunately the sales don’t come rolling in – just Jared, the CFO, rolling around the corner wonder why there are zero online sales! Even more unfortunately, you don’t have a good answer…

Jared leaves the room, and you immediately type “optimizing E-commerce store” into Google search, but are slightly overwhelmed with 14.5 million search results. You have the marketing chops and might be savvy with the Ecommerce dictionary, but the information is overwhelming, contradictory and unclear.

Obviously, solving the secret to your e-commerce woes is not “better SEO” or something fancy like, “marketing automation” although those are important growth tactics. The key is   something far more simple….

To begin we must keep in mind that people purchase things based on how they feel, and how they feel is determined by how they experience a product being sold to them.

So how do you engineer the BEST Ecommerce experience?

Lucky for you, I have put together a list of important questions you NEED to consider to answer this question. If you miss these important considerations your online store will never take off. But put these principles into practice and you might just look like a rocket genius.

Disclaimer: Before moving forward, please determine if your Ecommerce store has a quality product and people willing to buy it. If you are unsure about either of these things please go back to the drawing board (you will thank me later ).

Let’s uncomplicate things with 3 straightforward questions.

  1. Does it make sense?
  2. Is it easy for the customer?
  3. Is it beautiful?

Starting from a broad view and working our way down to the specifics allow us to cut through the debris of information without being bogged down by the ever-changing variables of  commerce. Sales channels, technology and products change on a daily basis, but getting these questions right will never change and give you a blueprint for building your bulletproof e-commerce experience.

1. Does it make sense?

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find something you are looking for. That is exactly how I felt when I made this simple Google search: “Buy Rocket Parts”.

Everything about these search results is frustrating. The Product Listing Ads (which are the sponsored products with images) appear totally irrelevant! Even IF one of these products were something I was looking for, the title of the product, the domain, and the photo do not make sense. If you have a store where you sell rocket parts, please don’t make me work to find it! I think I’ll just go to Hobby Lobby to get my Rocket parts…

Takeaway: Have appropriate images, relevant product titles, and ad strategy.


2. Is it easy for the customer?

There are no in-store sales associates to help your online visitors feel welcome or point them in the right direction. Your online store IS your sales person, and as such, must make the buying process as enjoyable as possible. Retail stores go to extreme lengths to figure out the best way to give shoppers a good experience, and your Ecommerce store should do the same.

Take Home Depot for example. Last year Home Depot did over $100 billion dollars in sales, 6% of which were online sales. Home Depot’s top priority is the in-store experience, but my guess is the online-experience for Home Depot customers is just as important, especially considering most customers start their search online before even going to a brick and mortar store.

Takeaway: Make the shopping experience easy and pleasant to use.

PRO TIP: If your Ecommerce store can make your visitors feel good about themselves, imagine how they would feel about your product.


3. Is it valuable, useful or beautiful?

What we purchase says more about us than what we realize. We purchase things we deem valuable, useful or beautiful. Products that do not fulfill at least one of these conditions are not even considered, and fulfilling all three will give you a Tesla.

Sometimes we know what we are looking for and other times we don’t, but it only takes a fraction of a second to assess the intrinsic characteristics of something to decide whether we need it or not. Put your product on display and make it look good.

Identify and understand the set of expectations your potential customers carry with them. Everything from the location of that product in the store to the way it is presented, is no different to an Ecommerce store. So delight your customer and put some thought into getting the basics right:

  • Have relevant product titles
  • Organize your products into Categories. (Be methodical about it)
  • Have quality Photos of your product. (Multiple if possible)
  • Have a unique description for your product that conveys its worth. (Don’t be lazy)

Hey, maybe your customer will even leave your store with something they didn’t even know they needed.

Takeaway: Identify the customer pain points and highlight your products ability to resolve that problem.


As E-commerce sales continue to skyrocket It reminds me of the great space race. Many will try, and many more will fail, but the ones who succeed will have the best engineers. Be a good engineer.

If you are curious about the full formula for Ecommerce success please contact us or schedule an appointment with our Ecommerce experts.

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