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4X Your Website Results with 3 Simple Steps

Do you have funnel vision

Better yet: is your website just another cluttered online brochure? Or is it a well-thought-out, carefully-designed converting machine?

We can probably guess which one yours likely is and which one you likely want to be at, and unfortunately, they’re often not the same.

No fault of your own, but you have been sold a busy website that was simply not needed and honestly did nothing for you or your business. Not that a website itself is not needed, but just that the “traditional” website you see today is not.

You see, traditional websites are usually generic, with no clear direction and way too many options to choose from or click on. 

Think of it like this…

It’s like driving down the highway, trying to find the exit to take for the road you want. Imagine: driving and seeing 5 different exits for the same road—the road that you want to get to. You would be utterly confused about which exit to choose. You might not even choose out of the confusion from your many options. That might even stop you from choosing the correct exit to get to your specific destination.

Now, you might say well if all the 5 exits got to the same road, wouldn’t you still get to your destination in the end? Yes, eventually. Just like a traditional website will eventually get you some results.

But back to the driving scenario. If you had just one clearly marked exit to take to get to that road, you’d arrive at your desired destination quicker, more easily, and with much less chaos and hassle. Just like with a funnel-focused website, with one clear direction and next step or call to action, you get bigger results, quicker, and with a lot less hassle.

That’s why we believe that 2020 is the year—your year—to have funnel-vision! Your year to 4X your website results!

And the good news is, you don’t need weeks nor hundreds of steps to follow in order to get there. You just need 30 minutes, 3 simple steps, and a desire to get more for your business from your website.

Step 1 – Change your Headline Hook

The human attention span is just about 8 seconds, that means you only have 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention and make them WANT to read more or explore more of your website. Your headline hook is the first big piece of copy and content that visitors on your site will read—and the point is just that, to hook them to want more. Speak to your customer and the ideal state you’re wanting to help them achieve so that right off the bat, they know and understand what you do for them.

Step 2 – Change your Story to be Customer Focused

Customers want a story they can relate, connect to, and feel a part of. Hint, that’s most likely not your company’s story. Customers care less about your story and more about a story focused around them. Nothing against your business, it’s just the way people are. Showcasing how you are changing their lives or making their customer experience better somehow is providing value. When the story on your website is about the customer, the customer can draw more from the story and therefore your company.

Step 3 – Create One Clear Call-to-Action

When driving, if there is one clearly marked exit to take, you’re going to get to your destination more easily, quickly, and effectively . The same thing is true of customers on your site. If they have one clear call-to-action (the desired action/response for them to take), they will navigate your site and get to where you want them to be much more easily, quickly, and effectively. Why? Because that’s the only thing customers will be able to do! They can’t make other choices or get lost in the shuffle of 10 clickable links; they just have that one definitive action that you are guiding them to take on your website. 


Creating a funnel-vision mindset and getting started on these 3 simple steps will tremendously increase your website results. You will be:

  • Grabbing customers attention so that they want to read more and/or explore more of your site
  • Giving them a customer-focused story they can connect with (because it’s about them)
  • Providing content that interests them because it adds value to their current or future lives. 
  • Clearly marking the “exit” you want them to take in order to reach the desired next step in your company’s process. 

While this may seem daunting, it’s really not when you break it down like we have. Remember: the key here is to just start! 

The changes suggested in these 3 steps should only take yo about 30 minutes to complete. You don’t need a complete masterpiece; you just need something to get the ball rolling that will also allow you to change and edit it as your company continues to grow.

Learn from these steps. 

Create a plan to knock out these changes. 

Implement the changes. 

Start down the path towards tunnel-vision and, more importantly, 4x-ing your website results.

And then watch how your business grows as a result of 30 minutes of work and 3 easy steps.

For more detail on each of these steps as well as for examples of both good and bad websites, with regard to these 3 steps, check out the video below.